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prieto commercial cleaning in houston

Our Houston area cleaning services:

office cleaning services - prieto commercial cleaning houston

Commercial Office Cleaning

Cleaning your workspace isn’t just for good looks. It helps to improve productivity, creativity and greater health. Whether you’re looking for daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning for your commercial space, Prieto Commercial Cleaning, Inc will customize a cleaning schedule that keeps your workspace looking its best for customers and employees. We help businesses just like yours stay beautiful and functional, contact us today and lets schedule your free consultation. 713-302-9313

Floor Waxing

Your floors go through a lot of wear and tear, eventually they start to look dull and worn, it’s important to take care of them. What many don’t realize is that unwaxed floors deteriorate, fade, and crack much more quickly. Think of the areas in your facility that get a lot of foot traffic. These areas tend to accumulate dirt and debris the fastest. Having these areas waxed at least once a year helps protect and preserve them. This usually requires a stripping previous coats of wax to add new coats which freshen up and add protection. At Prieto Commercial Cleaning Inc. we have the equipment and the know-how to get your floors waxed and looking clean and inviting. Do you need your floors waxed? Call us!

floor waxing houston - prieto commercial cleaning
Janitorial Services Houston

Janitorial Services

Every business or commercial workspace has common areas, like; hallways, lobbies or foyers, entrances, restrooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, and break rooms. High traffic areas and common areas get dirty fast and are more likely to be germ-infested. Prieto Commercial Cleaning, Inc provides cleaning expertise to get these areas looking their best. More importantly, our cleaning products and techniques ensure germs are eliminated and all surfaces are thoroughly sanitized.

Carpet Cleaning /Shampooing

Our commercial carpet cleaning service focuses on high traffic areas like hallways, meeting rooms, lobbies, and waiting areas. We pretreat stains then apply a commercial-grade carpet shampoo for maximum effect. Next we thoroughly rinse using powerful hot water extraction vacuums. Once your carpet is completely dry, Prieto Commercial Cleaning, Inc. grooms the nap which quickly brings carpet back to life.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Houston
floor scrubbing and buffing - prieto commercial cleaning

Floor Scrubbing and Buffing  

Our commercial-grade cleaning equipment is guaranteed to bring out the shine on your floors without gouging or scratching. From tile to marble and everything in between, Prieto Commercial Cleaning will professionally clean your floors with environmentally safe, non-abrasive cleaning products. Call Prieto, your local commercial floor cleaning experts, for a free consultation. 713-302-9313

Disinfecting and Sanitizing  

At Prieto Commercial Cleaning Inc, we prioritize health, safety, and cleanliness. We make sure that your building’s inhabitants and visitors are free from worries about germs and bacteria—and we make sure all surfaces are as clean as can be.

Whether you find yourself looking for nightly sanitation services or weekly visits from our highly talented custodians, you can count on us. Disinfecting and Sanitation along with excellent customer service are our specialties. Contact us today, let us help you stay safe and clean.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing - Prieto Commercial Cleaning Houston
spot removing - prieto commercial cleaning

Spot Removing

Prieto Commercial Cleanings brings years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment and the latest and greatest techniques for removing all sorts of spots and stains on your carpets. We specialize in making carpet look, feel and smell like new by applying our deep cleaning process that involves disinfection, deodorization and drying.

It doesn’t matter what type of style or material your carpet has. We know precisely which agents and methods to use in order to bring it back to its original condition. Whether it requires washing, steam cleaning or dry cleaning, we have what it takes to do a safe and effective job. Your satisfaction is our goal and we do everything possible to attain that goal. Contact us today, let us help you get your carpet looking new.

Power Washing

Power washing is the application of high-pressure water spray to outdoor surfaces that safely cleans away dirt, mold, and mildew. In addition to being unsightly and unhealthy, these hazards have been known to cause deterioration of exterior surfaces if left unattended. In fact, outdoor mold could spread indoors causing illness to your employees or customers. Our pressure washing services take care of spills, graffiti, grime, oil spots, chewing gum, and other unsightly issues.

power washing houston - prieto commercial cleaning
tile and grout clean up - Prieto Commerical Cleaning Houston

Tile and Grout Clean-Up

Tile and grout cleaning can be a serious chore. When it’s first laid, tile floors look great, but over time your floors collect dirt, dust, and grime. Trying to clean it yourself could turn into a serious hassle. That’s where we come in. Prieto Commercial Cleaning Inc, can professionally clean-up your tile and grout. We come with experience, the right tools, and the right techniques to make your tile and grout shine like new. 

We offer high-quality service. If you’re not completely satisfied with our work, we offer a re-cleaning. Our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Our experienced technicians can have your tile and grout gleaming again in no time, contact us today and let us help you get your floors shining.

Porter Services

Our janitorial service is solely for ensuring sanitary conditions of a commercial space, typically on a set schedule. Our Porter Services, however, take on greater responsibilities beyond daily cleaning tasks. Also, our day porter services are customizable to your business’ needs! We are happy to discuss which options work best with your company. We make ourselves available for any type of business: Retail stores, offices, convention centers, event venues, and more!

Porter Service - Prieto Commercial Cleaning Houston
Hot Water Extraction - Prieto Commercial Cleaning in Houston

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning, is one of the most effective carpet cleaning techniques available. It utilizes hot water and cleaning agents forced through carpets at high pressures to loosen up dirt and kill microbes. It’s widely preferred by most commercial and professional carpet cleaners because it’s both a safe and effective carpet cleaning method.

Spills, grease, mud, oil, dirt, dust mites and other contaminants can make your carpets look worn and dated. Over a long period, simple vacuum cleaning and shampooing just doesn’t help. To keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh you should schedule them for periodic cleaning. Call Prieto Commercial Cleaning Service, let us help you get your carpet looking brand new again. Call 713-302-9313

Bonnet Cleaning

In terms of appearance, your carpet can set the tone for your employees and visitors. Carpets help to improve the full display of the space, they also work as a type of filter capturing airborne contaminants, dust, debris and mold particles in their fibers which help minimize potential health issues. But if your carpet is not cleaned regularly, the contaminants could spread everywhere you walk. That’s why its essential to keep your office space and your carpets clean.

Our carpet cleaning includes a bonnet buffing cleaning approach, which uses a rotary brush to adapt hard floor spray buffing to carpets. This brush is adapted with a stiff brush to drive wet, damp, or dry bonnets to lift dirt from your carpet. Call Prieto Commercial Cleaning today, let us clean your carpets using our bonnet buffing technique designed to make your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

Bonnet Cleaning - Prieto Commercial Cleaning in Houston
Construction Clean Up - Prieto Commercial Cleaning

Construction Clean-Up

Professional Construction Clean-up at Prieto Commercial Cleaning, Inc. specializes in major construction clean-ups. If you are a construction or development company or a building owner completing construction of a new location, we can provide you complete clean-up before your official opening. We wipe down all window seals and frames, we wipe down and vacuum out all walls, doors, trims, and counters. We give a light machine scrub to take off all construction dirt, mop your floors until we achieve a finished/natural look. We do a complete clean of restrooms including all walls, sinks, toilets, and fixtures, hand-wiped, polished and detailed.

Floor Stripping and Sealing

Prieto Commercial Cleaning Inc. provides floor stripping and sealing services. We remove all old wax then apply an anti slip resistant wax making your floors safer for people to walk on. We can apply multi layers of premium wax so your floors will carry a high shine for longer duration. 

commercial floor stipping and sealing - Prieto Commercial Cleaning

We work hard to make your business look its best!

We’d love to have the opportunity to work with you. Get in touch with Prieto Cleaning today.

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